Dear Shiffy,

I want to thank you for your unrelenting efforts on my mom’s behalf.  I appreciate how you took the time to identify, recognize an encourage her abilities, all while finding ways to work around her limitations  I believe that your work has made a huge impact on her quality of life.

M.W., daughter
Dear Shiffy,

You were the first person we turned to when dad became ill, and your calm reassuring manner was often the difference between falling into despair and making effective plans for the future.  At the time everything seemed so overwhelming.  Your advice to us was always clear, always right on target and, most importantly, always given with great compassion and tenderness.  We want to thank you for your wisdom, your caring and your willingness to work hard on our behalf.  We owe you a debt we can never repay.

C.H., son-in-law, school principal

Dear Shiffy,

If I haven’t told you, I sing your praises to everyone I know who finds themselves going through the challenges of caring for their older parents.  I was so very lucky to have found you.  Mom’s illness came on suddenly, and we were not in the least bit prepared for it.  She started out so hopeful, believing the doctors would take care of everything, but the disease was too advanced by the time they found it.

I had no preparation for the responsibilities that fell on my shoulders, but you helped me in so many ways – teaching me how the hospitals and nursing staffs worked, the “etiquette” of being pushy but gentle in getting answers from the busy doctors, setting us up with round the clock bedside care to give Mom comfort and me respite so I could take care of the other issues that arose, and understanding the role of the discharge planner. During that period when we hoped Mom would recover, you helped me navigate the nursing home maze and figure out where to focus my energies (and our money).  I really came to appreciate the enormously complex human machine the medical system is, and managed to use it to help Mom the most I could, without getting overly
frustrated by it.

And how could I have imagined that I would face these challenges less than a year later with Dad?  By this time I knew I could do it, and I had the confidence in myself (and YOU!) to navigate this treacherous terrain.

Shiffy, I think the greatest gift you gave me was the peace of mind I have, looking back on that amazing year, knowing I did everything I could for both of them, and I have no regrets that I “should have” done something differently.  For that you will always hold a special place in my heart. May their memories be a  blessing.

Please do not hesitate to give my name as a referral to anyone who is considering using your services.

Carol, daughter


Dear Shiffy,

Our family found itself in the midst of a serious crisis when our Mom, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several months before, began to resist the guidance of her doctors and family, to the detriment of her own health and safety. As both of my siblings live out of town, it fell on me to make sure that she got the best care we could provide,  and that she was living in a place where she was safe. It was overwhelming, we had no idea where to begin, how to handle mom, or what services/resources were available in the area.  We almost didn’t know what questions to ask or where to look for answers. A friend recommended Shiffy and she has been a godsend…..she has  provided the perfect balance of helping us understand the disease and handle mom, while acting as a guide as we made the difficult decisions along the way.  She familiarized us with local resources, while at the same time functioning as a resource herself. She has provided us with  a compassionate, patient and firm support system .We have leaned on her and she has been there for guidance, direction, and counseling. What has happened to our mom is a difficult journey for our entire family and we feel so fortunate have Shiffy alongside.

K.T., daughter

Laguna Woods Village

I have known Ms. Crane for  many years, during which I have had the opportunity to observe her in action leading many projects and committees. She has shown herself to be an extremely dedicated, hard-working woman, whose superior intellect, integrity and dependability are above reproach. I have also observed her as she guided seniors through their challenging times.  Here too, her knowledge and professionalism coupled with the aforementioned qualities were never less than exemplary.

I enthusiastically recommend Ms Crane as the finest professional for elder care needs.